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Soaring into Fall

a group of people in a forest

A visitor descends on a zipline span at Soaring Tree Top Adventures.

Fall is rapidly approaching and a great way to experience the changing seasons is a visit to Soaring Tree Top Adventures! Fall in the San Juan Mountains near Durango brings many changes to your Soaring experience that will be sure to make your trip a unique and unforgettable one. Enjoy cooler and drier days, as well as the colors of fall. Soaring through the brilliant golden leaves of Aspen Alley on a beautiful autumn day will be sure to leave you breathless! Not only will you see changes in our native flora, but also in the wildlife as they return from the higher altitudes they occupy during the hot summer months. Additionally, you will find that your gourmet lunch is adjusted to fit the cooler season with changes in menu items. Enjoy a hot cup of soup with your meal and delicious warm apple crisp for dessert.

Despite the seasonal changes, some things never change here at Soaring – like our commitment to making your visit to the world’s largest zip-line course both safe and full of fun! Our season continues until mid-October, so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy all Soaring has to offer. To start planning your fall trip, call our office at (970) 769-2357 or visit our website at today.

Green LeafEco-insight: Fall brings with it cooler temperatures and so now is a great time to stay healthy, save money, and help the environment by utilizing alternative transportation. For short trips try walking or riding a bicycle and for longer excursions see if there are others in your neighborhood that can carpool. This can really help make schools and workplaces less congested and safer for all.