June 2010

What is a Sky Ranger?

Jun 28, 2010 | Category: Soaring Blog

Every day, our guests are led through the trees by our wonderful staff: the Sky Rangers.  They are the canopy tour guides that take care of you throughout the day and send you from platform to platfo Read More

The Soaring "Guest Cam"

Jun 26, 2010 | Category: Soaring Blog

Soaring Tree Top Adventures is open 7 days a week, and each day we give our guests an extra piece of equipment to add to their experience.  We call it the Soaring "Guest Cam", a small little HD video Read More

One of the Great Things to Do in Durango

Jun 25, 2010 | Category: Things to do in Durango

Durango, Colorado is an outdoor adventurists dream. There's so much to do, from hiking and mountain biking to white water rafting and, yes...Soaring!  There are activities for the whole family year- Read More

The Wildlife at Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Jun 24, 2010 | Category: Soaring Blog

When you come to visit Soaring Colorado, not only will you experience a one-of-a-kind canopy tour, you will get to learn about all of our surroundings through a guided ecology tour.  Our "Eco Ranger" Read More

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